About Calisto Studios

Calisto Studios is here to save you time making, grading and providing feedback on tests. It also provides you insight into how your students are performing!

Here you can make tests for your class quickly and after your students have taken the test you simply take a picture of the test and upload it to the site. It is automatically graded and your students receive a solutions manual explaining where they went wrong, saving you time in class. Now you don't have to go over the problem step by step - the solutions are provided to the students automatically!

Another cool part of Calisto Studios, and one of its distinguishing features, is that each student gets a unique exam so no one can cheat! The questions and answers are generated by our software and every student gets a different set of questions. You just input the type of questions you want and they are generated randomly for you!

You also get to view summary statistics from all of the students who have answered the same questions you assigned to your students to see where your kids stand.